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Post  Crad on Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:56 am

Again an acquired taste, get the right one and your on to a winner especially in the summer...Oh and don't Have it with Ice another Chavtastic invention Rolling Eyes
Many varieties out there I've tried a few Smile
The chav choice is Magners over ice Rolling Eyes "NO"
Koppaberg a multitude of flavour and very sweet..
Rekordlig Now these are far superior to the other 2 above very refreshing on a warm summer evening.
St Hellier another very nice cider not to sweet..
Bulmers No 17 this is another refreshing cider tastes like pop easy to get leathered on.
Another popular choice is Westons victor will know these "Old Rosie" cloudy cider Too many of these and its Oh dear.. lol.
Stowford press another westons classic.
Also another very nice one is Aspall Cider I've not had many of these but again very refreshing.


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Re: Cider

Post  Victor Meldrew on Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:51 am

Old Rosie is Fooking slurp !!
Makes you do funny things though. Like pretending to be an islamic terrorist on a flight from London to Oslo.....well perhaps not, but here's proof of my anti-western shenanegans on said flight.


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